How to Connect and Play on WoWMortal
Connection Guide For Destiny (4.3.4) Cataclysm Instant 85 Realm


Note: If you don't have 4.3.4 client,  download the WoW Cataclysm mini client from here (run & play) OR download Full 4.3.4 Client from here (Magnet) or via (torrent file) 

Step 1: If you don't have an account, Make an account here.

Step 2(Optional): Go to WoW Folder,data\EnUS/EnGB\, find, and open it with notepad, then remove all writing inside and write this:

set realmlist

Then save it (Note: you will not have to change realmlist If you download the full 4.3.4 client via torrent)

Step 3: start WoW.exe and log in with your WoWMortal account name. 

Connection Guide For Pandaria (5.4.8) MOP Realm


Note: If you don't have 5.4.8 client,  download the WoW MOP 5.4.8 Mini Client (run & play after reading the Readme file inside) 

All Done Make sure you have a registered account on wowmortal otherwise Make an account here.


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