13 February 2022, 2:45 am

WoW Mortal latest updates

Keep in mind this will be updated according to the testing phase we are going through to try to get the best balance possible.

Fixed items

Heroic Vial of shadows Cooldown/damage was adjusted to be more blizzlike (working as intended hopefully)

Legendary staff proc has been re-adjusted to be more realistic



Insect Swarm has been buffed by 10%

Sunfire has been buffed by 10%

Starsurge has been buffed by 20%

Wild Mushroom Detonate has been nerfed by 10%


Hemorrhage damage has been buffed by roughly 10%

Backstab damage has been buffed by 6%

Rupture damage increased by 30%

Deadly Poison proc chance increased significantly


Shaman Lava burst has been nerfed by 15%.

Lightning bolt has been nerfed by 7%.

Earthshock has been buffed by 10%

Fulmination has been buffed by roughly 18%

Healing Wave has been buffed by 5%


Bane of Agony has been buffed by 30%

Warlock Shadow Bolt damage increased by 12%

Priest :

Holy word: Serenity buffed by 50% (working as intended now)

Shadowfiend melee attack has been buffed by 40%

Classes with only one change:

Frost Mage pet ability Water Bolt has been buffed by 50%

Retribution ability Templar's Verdict has been buffed by 12%
Re-adjusted the Frost Strike buff From 10% to roughly 5%
Aimed shot has been buffed by 13.5%
Warrior Overpower ability has been nerfed by roughly 25%

5 December 2021, 11:14 am

Gadgetzan picture

We're happy to announce the official start of the Christmas event with lots of awesome rewards!

The event will be available until the 31th of December, 2021.

For More information visit: Here

5 December 2021, 11:09 am

Gadgetzan picture

New farmable content now available in the PvE section!

For More information visit: Here

16 August 2021, 6:23 pm

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WoWMortal introduces a new system to ensure the quality of the released content. Be sure to apply if you see you're fit.

For More information visit: Here

1 August 2021, 5:58 pm

Volcanic Gladiator Season 1!
Arena Season 31
Starting date: 01-08-2021
Ending date: 12-09-2021


Rank one: Any custom title (Gladiator or non-gladiator) The most epic mount (at your choosing) Glad Achievement Arena glad shirt, 10k WM coins. Also u will receive 5dp on your account!!

Rank two: Rival Title, Rival Achievement, Rival Shirt, 7,5k coins. Also u will receive 3dp on your account

Rank three: Challenger title, Challenger Achievement, 5k coins. Also u will receive 2dp on your account


* In all teams u must have a rating of 2.3k to receive ANY rewards!

* In the 2v2,3v3 section where u join as a team, u must have at least the same amount of players in your team with the 2.3k rating. (so in 2v2 minimum of 2 players for a team and in 3v3 minimum of )

* Any win traders will firstly receive a warning (10h ban) the second time they will be banned 14d, third time is out (perm ban). (This will add up if u have more accounts, for example: U have a first warning on one account, and two warnings on a other one, Both accounts will be banned.)

* Any multi-boxers in arena will be punished accordingly.

* Any top 3 finishing position teams must have a minimum of 50% of the games played in order to qualify their team for rewards.

* Rewards cannot be exchanged to a different char or account.

* U can have multiple rewards on one account (In any bracket)

Happy hunting season! (ps: the new pvp zone is in Gurubashi arena (yet again)

28 July 2021, 1:47 am

Destiny | August Update

       The realm recently have been undergoing through series of content improvements and development. We've alot of announcements coming soon. But to keep it spicy, we will reveal them little by little in order to keep the players updated with the new changes. However, we wanted to share a part of our recent updates with the community.

Starting the 1st of August (15:00 Server Time) we will release the new custom season 12 which shall be in the place of the current season 11 [Cataclysmic Gladiator's].

The new Season 12 [Volcanic Gladiator's] will have 7.5% stats increase comparing to the current max gear as well as an addition of +15 ilvl. As for the Conquest points pricing it will go as follows:

Season 12 Weapons (2-Handed) costs: 3400 Conquest Points

Season 12 Weapons (Rest of the Weapons): 2450 Conquest Points

Season 12 Main Sets: 2450 Conquest Points

Season 12 Relics & Offsets: 1650 Conquest Points


* Season 11 [Cataclysmic Gladiator's] will be available for honor after the release.

Along with this new addition, We will be starting the new Arena Season during the same day so be sure you're ready!

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