Hello Mortals!

if you encountered issues logging into the game using our previous mini Cataclysm client then you could obtain new client from our website, please download our updated version of the client here.

8 December 2018, 4:58 pm


Hello Mortals!
Celebrate the magic of the season in the holiday wonderland of WoWMortal.
Gather and farm the amazing loot bosses with your friends for this festive Christmas-themed event.
Happy holiday's to all of the wowmortal community, we have been through some tough times and we would just like to express how thankful we are for all of you who contribute to the server, whether it's voting or donating, or just hanging out!
The event starts on December 07 and lasts until December 31.


27 September 2018, 6:37 pm

Another year has passed. 7 years. Together for 7 years on WoWMortal. Together we have built a strong community and we want to continue on this path, evolve and do great things, much greater things than ever before. Together!

On behalf of the whole staff, let me wish you a sincere "Happy 7th Anniversary"!
Happy birthday, WoWMortal!
Happy birthday to you, the amazing and huge WoWMortal community. Without you, this server would definitely not have survived to celebrate it's 7th anniversary. 

A thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who stood with us and supported us along the way. We wish to celebrate this amazing 7th anniversary with you, our dear members.

- 7th anniversary gift: Starting on the 28th of September until the 7th of October you will be able to buy any heroic pve or cataclysmic item for FREE.
- 7th anniversary gift: 5 Donation Points for every WoWmortal player.
- 7th anniversary gift: 50 Vote Points for every WoWMortal player.
7th anniversary gift: Perky Pug companion.

27 September 2018, 5:49 am

Yes, that is right there shall be a PvP tournament that will test your skills and abilities in combat so I invite both alliance and horde to join us in a pvp tournament. 

How will this work? This will work through a number of duels that we will set in place in a designated location. To make sure the picks are totally objective, they will be made via /roll, higher will fight with lowest.


- You may use the only level 391 items, without any shirt/tabard with visual effect nor the Battlelord's shirt.
- Can't use items unless your class can create or conjure them. (Example: a mage can't use a warlock healthstone because he can't make them but the mage can use food he gets from conjure food.) You cannot use buffs from another player only your own. (Example if a paladin was to participate they can't have a 2nd blessing from another paladin. Example 2: If a warrior was to participate they can't have natural buffs that are due to being in a party with someone else such as blood pact from a warlock.) You cannot be mounted before or during the duration of the fight. You cannot set up any form of teleportation before the fight, However, you can set up teleports during the fight AS LONG AS BOTH PLAYERS CAN REACH THAT LOCATION. 
- Can't use any special kind of engineering equipment that is equipped to your armor. (example you can't use rocket boots that are on you.) 
- Can't change the spec during the event.
- If you get disconnected, you lose the fight.
- Semifinal will be best of 3.
- Final will be best of 5.
- Healers and tank specs are forbidden.

The winner will be REWARDED with a UNIQUE transmogrification custom made class set that is only attainable thru this contest.

So I say good luck to those who are able to enter into the match. Depending on how well this is received by the community I may do another tournament. 

The tournament will be on September 30 at 6:00 pm Realm time. Have your gear ready by that time because I won't wait for anyone. You might also want to practice using our 1v1 arena feature.

Again good luck to everyone!

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