Hello mortals!

On March 17th at 16:00 - 17:00 PM REALM TIME we will do a Happy Hour Event!
All cataclysmic and heroic PvE items will be FREE for 1(one) hour! The vendors will be visibly located in the MALL.
Also for donations of at least 50$ value, we will offer DOUBLE donation points, Paypal ONLY!
Make sure to let all your friends know and BE ONLINE to get your items!

 Pirates' Season Event is back with more rewards than never! 


Ending time: 1s of September 2019

Greetings Community,

The Pirates' Day Season Event is here! After the battle of Valgarde pirates and merchants try to set up their base back. But the war is not finished yet. Bronze Dragongflight's agent Chromie takes you back in time to protect the future of Valgarde as the Infinite Dragonflight wants to corrupt the events that occurred during the Battle of Valgarde and change the course of history!

Revisit the Battle of Valgarde for an epic fight against Captain Burgy of Diane's Fancy and Chronorus, dragon of the Infinite Dragonflight.

Event features:
? Pirates' Season Event instance with 5 bosses.
? Pirates' Season Event questline.
? Easter Bonus Event questline.
? Limited time shirt.
? Limited time illusion crystals.
? Limited time invisible slot transmog.
? Limited time Transmogrify Items.
? Limited time Miscellaneous Companions.
? Limited time Legendary weapon Transmogrify drops!
? Limited time mounts.
... And more!

 Available Quests 

[A Battle Through Time]
"Slay Chronorus and Ekaliptus"
Ekaliptus slain: 0/1
Chronorus slain: 0/1

[Stop the Corruption]

"Slay 15 of Infinite Corruptors"
Infinite Corruptor slain: 0/15

[Burgy Blackheart Must Be Stopped!]
"Slay Burgy Blackheart and his First Mate Noxx"
First Mate Noxx slain: 0/1
Burgy Blackheart slain: 0/1

[The Valgarde is Under Attack!]
"Slay 20 of Burgy's Crew members"
Diane's Fancy Member slain: 0/20

[Captain of the "Knight"]
"Become the Knight Captain"
Knight Captain Pirate Hat: 0/1
Cursed Pirate Hat: 0/150

3x Hidden Cryptic Easter Quests
"Easter Event"

Good luck and have fun,
-WoWMortal Staff

Hello Mortals!

if you encountered issues logging into the game using our previous mini Cataclysm client then you could obtain new client from our website, please download our updated version of the client here.

8 December 2018, 4:58 pm


Hello Mortals!
Celebrate the magic of the season in the holiday wonderland of WoWMortal.
Gather and farm the amazing loot bosses with your friends for this festive Christmas-themed event.
Happy holiday's to all of the wowmortal community, we have been through some tough times and we would just like to express how thankful we are for all of you who contribute to the server, whether it's voting or donating, or just hanging out!
The event starts on December 07 and lasts until December 31.


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