31 October 2020, 11:18 pm

Halloween promo 2020

Halloween 2020 Promo is LIVE, Donate via Paymentwall and get a 25% Discount. Active till 3rd November 2020.

6 October 2020, 5:16 am

WoWMortal Fate Instant 85 Realm

General Information
` Instant 85.
` Starting Gold, 0.
` All class spells and glyphs learned on creation.
` Cross-faction Battlegrounds.
` An available Auction House to sell and trade items.
` Teleporter for all custom content.
` Vote&Donation Stores.
` Cosmetic Visuals.

` Normal
` Heroic
Heroic is designed to offer more challenges in the form of traps that do various actions.
These hidden positioned triggers will offer the following;
*Stolen Credits
*AoE Damage
*Instant Death and more!

` Starter - Tier 13 Normal.
` Mid-Tier - Tier 13 Heroic.
` Best in Slot - Tier 14.

Raid progress design
` Complete Magtheridons Lair
` Unlock Tempest Keep.
` Complete Tempest Keep.
` Unlock Bastion of Twilight.
` Complete Bastion of Twilight. & repeat.

` Starter - Season 11.
` Mid-Tier - Season 11 Elite.
` Best in Slot - Season 12.

Custom Designs
` Shirts upgrades.
` Quests.
` Tier 14.
` Season 12.
` Items.
` Reputation designs.
` Reward Lockboxes.

` Honor - BG, Rated BG, Arena, World PvP, PvP Raid.
` Conquest - Arena, Rated BG, First BG Daily.
` Valor - Dungeon bosses, Raid bosses, world bosses.
` Gold - Content questing, Lockboxes, dungeons, raids and solo adventures.
Currency Items
` Stolen Credit - Bosses, Trash, Quests, Honorable Kills.
` Box of Stolen Credits – Exchanged to hold or trade mass Stolen Credit’s.

` Avengers of Hyjal.
` Bilgewater Cartel .

Countdown timer for Fates release
We look extremely forward to;
Friday, October 9th.
Realm will open at 1am GMT 0.
See you there!

15 June 2020, 12:16 pm

wowmortal cataclysm blizzlike server

Hello Mortals!

Our newest realm Deathwing X10 Blizzlike is launching on 17th June 2020.

Don't forget to join the grand opening of one of the best Cataclysm realm.

For 24/7 Community chat join us on discord.wowmortal.com

13 May 2020, 6:21 am

Arena Gladiator Season 28

Starting Date: *May 10 2020*
Ending Date: *June 10 2020*

Gladiator title of choice, Gladiator Achievement, Arena Gladiator Shirt, Custom Gladiator Mount, 4000 WoW Mortal Coins.

Rival title, Rival Achievement, Rival Shirt, 3000 WoW Mortal Coins.

Challenger title, Challenger Achievement, 2000 WoW Mortal Coins.

Rules & Regulations
• Solo 3v3 Arena: All qualifying players must reach a minimum of 2300 PERSONAL ratings in order to receive rewards.

• 2v2 Arena: All qualifying teams must reach a minimum of 2300 team rating and players must have at least 2200 personal rating in order to receive rewards.

• 3v3 Arena: All qualifying teams must reach a minimum of 2100 team rating and players must have at least 2000 personal rating in order to receive rewards.

• Any team affiliated or benefiting from arena win traders will be eliminated from rewards regardless of finishing position. (These wintraders should be reported over benefiting from free points).

• Since we had situations where players were kicked out from the teams, each team must have at least 2 players in team(for 2v2 bracket) and 3 players(for 3v3 bracket) to be eligible for rewards.

• Any top 3 finishing position teams must have a minimum of 50% of the games played in order to qualify their team for rewards).

• Bracket rewards do not stack. Rewards cannot be transferred to other characters, the only character eligible for rewards is the one you compete with.

24 April 2020, 2:41 pm

New features for DP:

- Custom Guild Name: create your own guild name without any of the common guild name restrictions! You may include symbols like numbers, !, #, @, &, *, <, ?, ! and so on!

- Custom Transmog Token: create your own custom transmog set without any of the common item transmog restrictions! Cloth to plate, plate to cloth, 1 handed weapon to 2 handed weapons, and so on! The only limit is your own imagination!

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