[Legion X10 Realm] Server Updates 02.04.2017

In this update, our developers are focused on the correction of spells and talents of different classes, as well as a common gaming moments.

It has been implemented a new dungeon The Arcway and New Boss in The Night Hold boss Elisande

New Dungeon : The Arcway


Ivanyr - Cut off from the power of the Nightwell and cast into the dark expanse of the Arcway, Ivanyr wandered aimlessly, slowly withering away, until he came upon a trove in the foundations beneath the great library of Suramar. He spends his days feverishly working to decipher the tomes there, feeding off the power of relics in the achives in order to sustain himself. But even as that magic sustains his body, his mind cracks and weakens.


Hey all,

We are having another WoWMortal video contest! for our Destiny 4.3.4 and Legion x20. What you need to do, is post videos on YouTube showing everything about our realms.

What your video might contain is; Raiding(PvE), Battlegrounds(PvP), Arenas(PvP), Custom Content, Leveling etc.
(You don't need to have everything in your video, you may choose to only show the best features of the server, it's your choice. The most creative video will win)

Title of video must contain good keywords (eg: WoWMortal Destiny 4.3.4 Cataclysm WoW Server/WoW Legion Server Rate X20 | wowmortal.com ETC)

1st place: 100 WoWMortal Points
2nd place: 75 WoWMortal points
3rd place: 50 WoWMortal Points

Special reward:
Everyone who enters the video contest & doesn't win, will receive 10 WoWMortal Points

(So don't forget to write your in-game name below your video!)

Note : Only Post your entries here.

legion server

Rates Update!
Money Rates are now changed from 1 to 5
Item(s) Poor,Uncommon and Rare rates changed from 1 to 2
Increased Server XP Rates (Kill,Quest,Explore) from X7 to X20

General Updates
This new updates we have been mainly matters Server internal mechanics and has been successfully implemented many innovative features, unique only working on our server. Some corrections have been applied throughout the week.

+ Fixed a bug where many healing spells specialization consumed too much mana
+ Once again rewritten the system of conservation dungeons and raids (on the test checked everything works as it should, to live is again tested)
+ Ban on the change of equipment during the game on BG
+ Updated location Hold defiled mind and Catacombs Suramar (Azsuna)
+ Eliminate the cause of the server 10 drops
+ fixed about 100 NPC names in Russian
+ Fixed a bug where some players have learned portals magicians (removed)
+ Added an additional check to cheat, so it did not work if a player proposes
+ Blackwing Descent corrected an error in the dungeon 132
+ fixed a bug where hidden behind images of artifacts were given to
+ 500 fixed NPC problems in names (sometimes the name is not displayed)
+ rewritten loot all myrrh bosses Legion (fixed crash)
+ fixed a bug where some items could not be transferred (especially related your account)

Distilled essence of titanium now supports

Essence Aman'Thul added in bosses Citadel Nights (may fall between 1 and 3 with each boss to each player) now every player can improve his legendary subject to the 940 level, completing a quest Touch titanium

Implemented working hidden artifacts!

Implemented receive items with high performance in raids CITADEL NIGHTS and the Emerald Nightmare, Karazhan
UPDATED many spells, talents and similar
Fixed Several achievements
removed from hidden quests for all players.

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