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Connection Guide For Destiny (4.3.4) Cataclysm Instant 85 Realm


Note: If you don't have 4.3.4 client , download it from here

Step 1: If you don't have an account, Make an account here.

Step 2: Go to WoW Folder,data\EnUS/EnGB\, find, and open it with notepad, then remove all writing inside and write this:

set realmlist

Then save it

Step 3: start WoW.exe and log in with your WoWMortal account name. 


Connection Guide For Legion x7 (7.1.5) Legion Blizzlike High Rate Realm

STEP 1: Registering an account on our server - REGISTRATION.


STEP 2: If you don't have 7.1.5 WoW Client download it by Clicking HERE


STEP 3: After downloading the launcher Extract the files in


STEP 4: After extracting the launcher Open LEGION-WOWMORTAL.exe or LEGION-WOWMORTALx64 (depending on your OS), the first launch will take approximately 10 minutes (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), and the game will finish loading the necessary data from the server. Later the full game will be downloaded while you are playing on server.

If you already have a client then Download the and after extracting paste the files in your World of Warcraft Folder

Note: Existing users(accounts) can convert their account to Legion as-well just by changing their password from website's account panel


Connection Guide For NEMESIS LEVEL 255 FUNSERVER

for    Windows Download WOTLK Client by clicking on download arrow


Can't download magnet links? Get Bittorrent here.


for    MAC OS X Download WOTLK Client by clicking on download arrow


Can't download magnet links? Get Bittorrent here.

After downloading the client or If you already have a client then follow these steps carefuly

You must download the wowmortal custom launcher and files by clicking on this link(below) 



Once you open the file you will then have to copy these files into your wow 3.3.5 folder.

If done correctly should look like this


launch the wowmortalFUN.exe , If done currectly you should launch and be greeted with this: 

You can then go ahead and log in. You must make sure you allow the WowmortalFUN.exe to be allowed through your firewall or else you will get stuck at the log in screen.


realms information

Loading... Destiny - Instant 85 (4.3.4)


Loading... Legion x7 (7.1.5)


Loading... Nemesis Level 255 Funserver (3.3.5)

set realmlist

SET portal ""


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